What is the ARV % | LTV % Limits?

Our loans can fund a max of 75% of the after repaired value of your property, to be determined by appraisal. Our purchase/rate and term loans are capped at 80% LTV and cash out programs can fund up to 75% of the current value of the property.

What kinds of financing can I obtain using Flip Funding?

We provide financing for purchase only, buy and hold, purchase and rehab, refinance/cash out, rehab only, new construction and multi-family/mixed use projects.

How do I apply?

Just visit our website, FlipFunding.com, and click the “Apply Now” tab. Then complete the short application. After submission, we review your deal and follow up with terms, usually on the same day.


Are there any upfront fees involved?

Never! This is usually the first sign of a scam.

If I have had a recent bankruptcy, can you still approve me?

No recent bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past 2 years.

What states do you lend in?

We lend nationwide. Except, Arizona, Nevada, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

How much can I borrow?

We can lend as little as $75,000 and as much as $10,000,000. Approvals are not solely based on equity. We must make sure you can afford the monthly interest-only payments on your requested loan.

Is down payment required?

Most of our loan programs require a down payment of at least 10-20%, but we do offer 100% funding for fix and flip loans for borrowers that qualify. 

Will you provide a proof-of-funds letter (or pre-qual letter)?

Yes. Once you are pre-qualified, we can begin issuing proof-of-funds letters. We can submit these as frequently as needed as general letters or specific to the property address and offer price the client requests to be disclosed.

How quickly can you close?

We can close deals as soon as 10 business days. Timing is contingent upon appraisal, clear title, and requested documents being submitted in a timely manner.

If I just purchase a property, can you lend only the rehab needed?

Yes, if the property is owned free and clear (no liens), we can fund 100% of the repairs. Up to 70% of the ARV.

Can you take a second lien position?

We will not take second lien position ever on a property.

Do you charge a prepayment penalty?

No, we do not charge a prepayment penalty on short term loans. We encourage a quick flip.

Can I close under my LLC, trust or corporation?

Yes, you can close under an LLC, trust or corporation. However, one owner must still be the personal guarantor on the loan. Some loan programs allow you to close in your personal name as well.