About Us

Finding the perfect investment property is challenging enough. Why should financing it create even more difficulties?

As you know, securing hard money funding for your real estate deals can get complicated. In some cases, you’re seen as an easy target to take advantage of because you have an immediate need for money.

So I created Flip Funding to eliminate these hassles, while helping you create cash flow and pull the highest profits possible from your properties. In fact, as a direct lender, we can fund your projects even if you have credit challenges or bankruptcies.

You see, I’ve been successfully flipping real estate since 2008. Along the way, I made plenty of mistakes, including getting arrested. In fact, I even foolishly partied away a college scholarship, was kicked out of school and had to work two jobs just to support myself.

Yet one of those jobs involved remodeling properties. This led me to my first mentor. He showed me the world of real estate investing and how I could achieve my childhood dream of being successful. 

So I took my shot …

I attended seminars, read books and watched more videos than I care to remember. Still, I struggled.

A scammer sold me stolen property, which put me at risk of losing everything. And, thanks to an identity thief who wrecked my credit, I couldn’t get any money — conventional or hard — for my deals.

Eventually, though, I made my real estate investing business a success because a hard money lender gave me a chance. The experience left me with a burning desire to make sure other investors don’t go through the same pain and frustrations.

This is where Flip Funding comes into play, having now funded more than $500 million in real estate deals.


We get serious real estate investors the private money they need without all the red tape.


The fact is, when you properly match your loan to your investment property, you not only get funding fast and without complications, you can maximize your cash flow and profits.

So we use our exclusive Profitable Pairing Process™ to give you these advantages.

Rod Stanback

CEO, Flip Funding