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Flip Funding Affiliate Partners are an exclusive group of real estate and finance professionals who are looking to expand their success by referrals and introducing real estate investors to our loan products. The traffic you send to Flip Funding has a much better chance of closing than many of the other loan programs around. Same effort, more money in your pocket!

This is not like any other affiliate program you’ve ever seen or participated in. It’s for people who take action. It’s for people who actually desire to or currently are making money with affiliate marketing. It’s for people who do what they say they’re going to do.

Only committed (and serious) professionals should apply for the FF affiliate program. This affiliate program is not about riding on the coattails of others’ success – it’s about actively promoting competitive loan products. Partners who do not hold up their end of the bargain will swiftly be removed from the program



  1. Big commissions. With our wide array of attractive loan products, you can earn big commissions every month by just making one or two closings. Your commission will be 25% of the profit for each successfully closed loan transaction.
  2. Learn while you earn. Think of the time and money you’ll save by being able to learn the business from an established Hard Money Lender, while you’re consistently cashing checks!
  3. You’ll get all the support you need. We have put together the team and resources (including our brand new Affiliate Center) to help you maximize your affiliate promotions. We do all the heavy lifting for you by creating proven ads and promotional materials to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.
  4. You’ll be helping others. Imagine how your client will feel after you have assisted with the purchase of their dream investment… As they provide a living for their family and build a real estate investing business. Your referrals will begin to POUR in and you’ll further establish yourself as a real estate expert!

If you feel that you’d like to claim your membership into our exclusive community, then you need to do a couple of things:

  •  Plan and strategize your marketing. If you do this first, then you’ll be more likely to stick to the schedule and maximize your marketing efforts which will result in success.
  • Click the button above and fill out the form below in complete detail so that we can effectively evaluate your ability and commitment to promoting our loan products and promotions.
  •  Patiently await the approval of your application. It’s important you know that your application will not be immediately accepted because of some silly auto-responder. Real people will be deciding if there is a fit for you within the FF partnership program. With the number of applications we receive on a daily basis, this can sometimes take a while.

Upon acceptance to the group, you will begin to receive regular communication from our team. We’ll keep you informed of upcoming promotions, product launches, events and private training opportunities in order to help you jumpstart your sales.

Remember, you’ll always have unlimited support to help you maximize your affiliate sales and if you meet the minimum requirements, you’ll be generously rewarded. As you can tell, we do not want everyone promoting our loan products and it’s important that we find the right kind of partners who will properly represent and promote our products accordingly.


Flip Funding LLC specializes in investment financing for commercial and investment properties.

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