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Invest and Earn BIG.

The saying goes “give and you shall receive”, right?

Well, Private Money Lenders certainly do…

You see, real estate investors generate income by fix and flipping or renting properties. But in most cases, they can’t do that without the funds that Private Money Lenders provide. And so, the lenders assist with funds to complete the transaction. (and then get repaid with interest, monthly).

That’s what a Private Money Lender does.

But what about you? How does this help you prosper unless you are a real estate investor? Well, do you want to tap the income potential of real estate without the hassle or stress of finding, repairing, and reselling or renting? Do you want to grow your retirement funds beyond that 401(k) or stocks that are so vulnerable to market conditions? Or do you want an income stream that is safe, secure and consistent to provide for you and your family?

That’s what being a Private Money Lender offers.

But, perhaps you are a bit weary. After all, the money you have is very important; it might represent years or even decades of hard work. You want it safe even as it grows.

So do we. And while no investment is absolutely risk free, real estate is one of the safest growth investments out there. Think about it, how long have people been living on land? The demand continues to grow, one thing for certain, they aren’t making any more of it. Not to mention, Majority of our millionaires are in the real estate industry.

We doubt that will change any time soon. Real estate has an inherent value to people—not unlike gold. And we have seen that inherent value bring amazing returns for our lenders—8-12%!

We at Flip Funding have gotten to know our borrowers and the market. We only fund deals that we determine profitable to both you and them.

So, How do I become a  Private Money Lender?

Simple, click the button below and complete the short form. We will send you information on private lending and how to get started.

I’d like to learn more

We will teach you. We will help you. After all, your success is ours.

And remember,

We’re The Experts That Can Teach You To Earn 8-12% returns!

You’ll learn:

  • Why investing in the real estate market—especially now—is the best vehicle to grow your money quickly or for the long term.
  • How to invest your money, even if you have no experience.
  • Why the current economy is ideal for real estate investors and how easy it is to buy properties way below market value—all the while getting a high rate of return.
  • How to partner with the right company and make healthy returns through private lending.
  • Important questions and answers to ask before investing your money.