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About us

I, Roderick Stanback (call me ‘Rod’), have been flipping properties since 2008 and have gotten pretty good at it — six figures annual income. But I made mistakes along the way and needed help from others. That’s why I founded Flip Funding—to provide you, the potential new real estate investing success story (or the established pro looking to fly even higher), the kind of tools and guidance I wish I had had from the beginning.

You see, I and Flip Funding come from a place not that different from you. My success in real estate investing came only after a struggle. It came only after I had foolishly partied away a college scholarship, forcing me to work two jobs just to support myself. I dug a pit and there seemed to be no climbing out of it. But then someone helped me. One of those two jobs I just mentioned—one involving remodeling properties—introduced me both to the world of real estate investing and to my first guide in it.

I saw an investor we were working for doing it and doing pretty damn well. By example, he started showing me the way… The way to my childhood dream of being successful. So I took my shot. Seminars, books, videos, you name it! I devoured, soaked up and breathed this business. But still, the struggles came. Thanks to the scammer who sold me a stolen property, putting me at risk of losing EVERYTHING. And an identity thief who wrecked my credit, I just couldn’t get any money—conventional or hard—for my purchases. Eventually, though, I overcame that and made my real estate investing business a success. But the experience left me with a burning desire, a desire to make sure other potential investors wouldn’t have to go through quite the level of heartache, frustration, and pain I had. That’s why I founded Flip Funding.

There is something for everyone in real estate investment—whether you be young or old, novice or veteran. That’s why I founded the company, to:

• Help serious real estate investors get the private money they need with a minimum of red tape. • Give lenders the knowledge and advice to grow financially successful through real estate lending.

• Teach both how to reach their dreams of becoming financially free. I founded Flip Funding to treat you the way I had wanted to be treated. And why? Because I was you.

Values: 3 things drive all that we at Flip Funding do to help you:

• A teaching spirit—time, patience, and guidance to help investors and private lenders like yourself to both get started and to flourish in real estate investing.

• Integrity—to guide you truthfully, even when the truth is hard.

• Flexibility—with products, services, and guidelines designed to help private money lenders and investors of many levels and degrees of financial health. Flip Funding is about far more than just funds, it is about working with you!

Flip Funding LLC specializes in investment financing for commercial and investment properties.

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